Meet The Staff

 JACKIE Office Manager

Jackie came to the dental field to give the world a better smile and has been doing so for over 10 years. Jackie has been working with Dr. Kellogg since 2015. 

Fun fact about Jackie, she loves Latin Cuisine and Culture!

 NIKKI Insurance Coordinator

Nikki has been in the dental Field since 2012. She chose dentistry for the opportunity to help people create and maintain the best smile they can. Nikki has been with Kellogg Endodontics since 2017.

Fun Fact about Nikki, she’s a dedicated bookworm.

SONIA Front Desk/ Dental Assistant

Sonia decided to join the dental field after having her braces removed and loved her smile. Sonia has been a dental assistant since 2015 and has been working at Kellogg Endodontics since 2018.

Fun fact about Sonia. Sonia is an amateur foodie photographer.

 JEYLINA Dental Assistant

Jeylina decided to take up a career in the dentistry after her braces came off and she saw the work and dedication needed to maintain a gorgeous smile.  Since 2018 Jeylina has been sharing her dental knowledge happily. Jeylina has been with Kellogg Endodontics since 2020.

Fun Fact about Jeylina, the Zapateado brings her to life!

 MARISSA Dental Assistant

Marissa chose dentistry because she enjoys being a part of improving a persons smile. Marissa has been in the dental field since 2020 and with Kellogg Endodontics since 2021.

Fun Fact about Marissa, she likes to rollerblade and draw.